This is that wonderful week when things slow down and we do a little relaxing, reading and reflecting about what worked this year and changes we want to make for a successful next year.

In that spirit, I want to share five of my favorite posts from 2017 that offer simple, practical and immediately actionable ideas on leading and living at your best.

We’ll start with one of my most popular posts from this year, The Ten Behaviors of Strong Personal Leadership.

Then we’ll get some tactical tips for effective self-management with these three posts:

How to Create Time in a Packed Schedule
Three Things Global Executives Tell Me Always Work
How to Create Space to Think

Finally, I’ll want to wrap up with some inspiration that can lead to action with What Great Leadership Looks Like. This one includes one of my favorite short videos of 2017.

Hope you enjoy and get some value from this 2017 recap. See you back here in 2018. Happy new year!

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